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Analyzing Braking Techniques to Improve Speed

Closeup of a brake light with driver practicing braking techniques.

Braking Techniques to Help You Improve Your Speed Who Needs Brakes? Well, the answer to that question is, everyone! Last month I wrote about different ways to analyze throttle information. This month I’m going to go over some different ways to analyze braking information, or more importantly, slowing information. Obviously applying the brakes slows the […]

Race Car Braking And The Point Of Diminishing Returns

Black and yellow racecar brakes as it drifts around a corner.

Why Racecar Brakes are Difficult to Master I don’t know about everyone else reading this, but when I went through my first racing school, there was a lot of focus on race car braking much later than I thought was possible. This is because race cars brake really well and with only street driving under […]