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Double Platinum User Profile and Math Channel Creation Service

Double Platinum User Profile and Math Channel Creation Service


Double Platinum User Profile and Math Channel Creation Service

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Double Platinum Level User Profiles/Workspaces for users of AIM, MoTeC (With I2Pro Only), WinTax, and PI/Cosworth data systems.

If your focus is car setup, this service is for you!  PDA will provide you with the pages shown in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level services (please review the descriptions for those services) as well as the three Understeer/Oversteer (Understeer Map, Understeer Histogram, and Understeer Report) pages AND the three Shock (Shock Histograms, Shock Health, and Shock Movement) pages along with the applicable math channels.  Depending on which direction you want to go, you can either get a much better idea of the amount of understeer or oversteer that your car has or you can get a much better idea of how all four corners of your car are moving.

The Understeer/Oversteer pages have proven to be extremely valuable when determining if the driver needs to do something different or if the car requires a setup change.  With the Understeer Report, you will be able numerically see the maximum and average amount of understeer the car has at corner entry, mid corner, and corner exit as well as during low speed, mid speed, and high speed corners.  You can also see the percentage of time that the car spends in different levels of understeer over a given lap with the Understeer Histogram page.  If you want to see the levels of understeer/oversteer in a more visual way, then the Understeer Map is there for you.  Please note that I will need the wheelbase of your car and the degrees of steering at the front tires in order to calculate the amount of understeer/oversteer.  PDA can help you with this if you have questions.

With the Shock pages, you will be able to see the percentage of time that each shock is spending in low speed and high speed compression and rebound which can help you decide what shock change to make to solve a handling issue.  With the Shock Movement page, you will see the movement of all four corners as well as the speed at which each corner is moving.  This can also help when deciding on a shock change.  The Shock Health page will help you identify if you have an issue with one of your shocks which can save you a lot of time chasing a handling issue caused by the bad shock.

All you need to do is download your data and open it in the software!  No more fumbling through the software!  PDA is now providing these for RS3 Analysis!

As part of this service, you will be asked to join a Zoom meeting with one of our professional data engineers/driver coaches where the charts provided will be explained in detail.  A recording of the meeting will be provided as well.  After receiving your order, a Dropbox link will be emailed to you, and this can be used to transmit the data and video to PDA.  Please only send one session.

Note: the channels available in your data session will determine if all items shown will be able to be provided.  It is highly recommended that you at least have steering, throttle, and brake data.


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